A complete redesign of IMDb

Rethink IMDb

IMDb is the world's largest online movie database and is frequently used by millions of users. The database has an impressive movie catalogue that covers both in width and depth. But in contrast to the database, which is constantly evolving, the website and its appearance lags behind and hasn't changed much in many years.

The website is designed to communicate with the masses, which unfortunately causes confusing pages that are heavy on content and gives the individual user an impersonal experience. I have rethinked the concept to create an improved experience for the user.

Details & credits

The frontpage of IMDb

Content is still king

Simplicity and a more concise approach makes the content more accessible for the user.

The search function of IMDb

The individual user

A user-centric approach to the site infrastructure provides customizable content that is relevant to the individual user.

The login process of IMDb A example on an actor's page on IMDb

A source of inspiration

Besides its primary function as an encyclopedia, IMDb should be a place that inspires the user to explore and immerse themselves in the content.

A complete redesign of IMDb

Details & credits

Self-initiated project

My role
Design / Art direction

Fonts in use

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